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Are You Tired Of:

  • Working 40 or 50 or Even More Hours Per Week?
  • Commuting in Peak Hour Traffic Everyday?
  • Making Someone Else Rich?
  • Not Being Appreciated?
  • Being Underpaid or Undervalued?
  • Not Having Enough Time or Money to Do the Things That are Important to You?

Are You Wanting To:

  • Create a Lifestyle by Design rather than by Circumstances?
  • Work Flexible Hours?
  • Have a Successful Online Business?
  • Create a Level of Financial Independence to Sustain an Executive Lifestyle?
  • Create a Better Work/Life Balance?
  • Be Self Employed Without the Stress and Headaches?
  • Follow a Proven Successful Business Model That Creates Results?
  • Work From Home?
  • Spend More Quality Time With Family and Loved Ones?
  • Travel More?
  • Be Mentored and Coached?
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder?
  • Achieve Your Goals?
  • Help Others Achieve Their Goals?
  • Enjoy Life More?

What we provide has been described by Industry Experts as "A refreshing alternative to franchises and traditional bricks and mortar businesses" In simple terms, it's a Business in a Box that really works, providing you the opportunity to leverage your time and energy and live life on your terms and not someone elses!

We Are:

  • An Award Winning International Leader in Personal Development, Success Education and Positive Media - An Industry that turns over $19 Billion Annually!
  • Offering a Success Education Program that has helped thousands of people to create a lifestyle by design and is even recognised at a University Level and accounts towards a Masters Degree for those who wish to study it at that level.
  • Encountering Unprecedented Growth on a National and Global Scale Due to Our Simple and Easy to Follow Business Model

We Are Not:

  • Not Multi Level Marketing
  • Not a Pyramid Scheme
  • Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • Not Reliant on Family and Friends
  • Not a Party Plan
  • Not Drawing Circles nor Conducting Face to Face Meetings

All You Have To Do Is:

  1. Place Simple Advertisements
  2. Conduct Brief Telephone Interviews
  3. Provide Business Information to Qualified Applicants via the Internet and Tele-conferencing systems
  4. Invest Time Into Your Ongoing Personal Development and Training
  5. Follow Our Simple and Successful Business Model

But don't confuse simple with easy, learning a new way to do business (and in some cases, relearning) can be a challenge for most people. This is why we have a 1st rate coaching and mentoring program and encourage people to invest in themselves with their ongoing development and training in order to increase their chances of creating successful outcomes in both their personal lives on an emotional, spiritual and physical level as well as in their business on a financial level...!

If you've been wanting to make some changes in your life but just aren't sure how or where to start, our Success Education Program can provide you with some clarity.... and the tools to implement in order to make those changes..... AND..... it may just provide you with a successful business opportunity in the process...!

First Name:
Last Name:
Time Zones:
Current Occupation:
Serious Income Goal:
Reason for Responding: