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About Me

Here’s a snippet of my story as to why and how I came to be here in front of you today to share with you how you ‘can’ work successfully from home! I use the word ‘can’ instead of ‘will’ because I ‘will’ only make promises that I can keep. It’s in my nature, it’s part of me, it’s who I am as a person. So yes, I will show you how to work successfully from home but whether you ‘can’ or ‘will’ is totally up to you! How committed you will be towards success depends on your ‘why’ you want success and ‘what’ you feel it will bring with it. Is it financial success, is it personal success, is it spending more time with your family (like it is for me), or something else perhaps that drives your passion for finding a successful business opportunity? And if it is a certain level of financial success you are wanting, what is that for you? Is it earning $100,000 a year or $250,000 a year? For me and my family, it was to firstly match our current incomes within the first 12 to 24 months and then a 7 figure income after 5 years! So not only did I want to increase my current income substantially, but I also wanted to spend less hours in doing so in order that I could spend more quality time with my new young family. I knew what I wanted and where I wished to go, I just didn’t yet have the vehicle to take me there.

When I speak of commitment in order to succeed, I am constantly reminded of the perseverance it requires by my 14 month old son who has started taking his first steps unassisted in the last 3 weeks! He’s been walking with our assistance since he was 8 months old but has taken 5 months of practice to finally have success on his own. It reminds me to have faith and never give up on my goals and dreams!

Is there anything special about me? If you asked my mum, she would most likely say yes….lol…. but I feel I had a pretty normal upbringing but with high standards and integrity. There’s neither a tragedy nor a Midas touch story line here: fairly normal childhood, parents were separated when I was 11 and were on and off till I eventually left home, but 50% of children end up seeing their parents divorced these days so nothing out of the norm there. I wasn’t traumatised by their failed marriage but it could go a little way towards explaining why I was a bachelor until my early 40′s, never committing to a relationship until then. Heck, I had plenty of chances! I was even proposed to by two of my former girlfriends but in the end didn’t feel that they were the right ones, even though I tried to make it work.

Let’s talk about that word ‘try’ for a minute. Many of us in life ‘try’ things to see if we like them. Some of us decide no, and never try them again; some of us love what we try and get addicted to the way we feel when we try them. If we are only willing to ‘try’ something, we are not actually committed, and therefore, at the first sign of adversity or difficulty, we generally give up and tell ourselves, it’s too hard at this time or that just doesn’t work for me or words to that effect. It’s generally not the reason we think it is, we just make things like that up in order to feel better about ourselves, but in actual reality we are doing ourselves a dis-service by telling ourselves these stories. The real reason we are not committed to achieving our goals is generally one of two reasons – it’s either we really haven’t visualised or been specific enough about what we actually want, or that we set the bar so damn high that it’s so far away from reality and where we currently are, that we struggle to measure any growth towards it. We therefore lose belief and faith in either ourselves or the work/opportunity we are pursuing as a vehicle to reach our destination – our destination being what we have conjured up in our mind as to our definition of success!

For some people, their definition of success is to be able to do what they want, when they want, as often as they want, and with whom they want! That was mine too for a while! And after spinning my wheels over the last several years trying a few different businesses that promised the world and either didn’t deliver with integrity, or didn’t attract the leadership that I craved, desired and required in order to have success, I decided that I knew what I didn’t want – I knew I didn’t want to buy a job and have to spend 70 hours a week or more year after year to get a business to a profitable level and miss out on my children’s childhood. I just had to get good at deciding what it was that I did want! And once I did, instead of spinning my wheels, the rubber started hitting the road!

I knew that I wanted to work from home so that I could spend more time with my family, and I knew I wanted the flexibility to be able to work when it was convenient for me which is usually when my children are sleeping.

So if like me, you also have a huge reason as to why you must be able to work successfully from home, then please accept my invitation to check out this company, its product and the opportunity so that you may make an informed decision as to whether it will tick some or all of the boxes on your checklist. Do your research with due diligence, and if after that it’s not for you, then atleast you have made an educated decision after gaining all the facts! I will wish you all the best in your journey to find what you are looking for. If you do like what you see, I will walk you through step by step what is required in order to be successful.